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Frequently asked questions about account settings, user setup and subscription

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Bulk upload & download contact listHow to import your contact list into GetAccept and How to bulk download your contacts
Forgot your password?If you forgot your password you can request a link to your email and set a new.
I cannot add a new userWhy do I get an error message when I try to add a new user?
Downgrading the accountWhat happens to my account and document(s) once I’ve cancelled my account.
How do I create a GetAccept Account?How to sign up for GetAccept
What do I need to know when I am setting up my account?How to start setting up your entity's account
What languages are supported?Learn which languages we support, both from a user and recipient end
What timezones do you support?We support all timezones and automatically detect the correct timezone for a user
How can I upgrade my Account?How to upgrade your account
Can I try GetAccept before buying it?You can use GetAccept for completely free without any obligations.
Supported browsersWhat mobile and desktop browsers GetAccept support
Can I customize and white label GetAccept?You can customize all branding and look of your documents and use your own texts and subject lines in all communication.
How to activate and deactivate a userWhat active and inactive user means and how to change status for a user.
What is an Administrator, Manager, and User?Differences between the three user roles: admin, manager, and user
How to add more licenses to your accountHow to add more licenses to your account
How to make it so users can't send documents from the web applicationHow to make it so users can't send from the web application
How to enable two-factor authenticationAn installation guide for two-factor authentication and how it works.
How to set up Billing, payment, and check your billing historyHow you can add a credit card to your GetAccept account to get billed with ease. Set up billing information and check your billing history.
How to update the billing email for the entityGuide on how to update the billing email for the entity