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Sending and managing documents
Sending and managing documents

Frequently asked questions about sending and managing documents

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Issues related to the documentExplains the most common issues related to documents
What document formats are you supporting?GetAccept support uploading of almost any kind of files, including the most common: .doc, .docx, .pdf, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx, .jpeg, .png
Merge Variables for Email MessagesMerge tags that works in email messages
SMS CountriesA list of countries to which you can send SMS/Text messages today.
I just sent someone a document, but why does it say hard bounce?What hard bounce means and what to do
Merge Variable ListUse these merge variables to personalize your send outs
Different statuses of a document and what they meanList of different statuses shown on document/recipient level
How to replace roles with a recipientWhat to do when you get prompted to replace a role with a recipient when trying to send a document.
What happens to an active document if you delete the user?What to do with active documents when a user gets deleted
Wrong colours in uploaded PDFHow to solve faulty colors in document
Allow access to your webcamHow to give GetAccept access to use your webcam
Documents - Bulk actionsHow to bulk select documents to edit/manage
How to change the owner of a documentA guide on how to change ownership of a document in draft and when it is signed
What is the difference between your document types?What different document types you can choose from if you are on Sales or Business app mode
How to activate Electronic Identification (eID) signing for a documentHow to activate Electronic Identification (eID) signing for a send-out
How to sign documents in personOpening documents on your device for recipients to sign in-person
How to access and change Email Templates before sending a documentHow to apply email templates for delivering to specific recipients
How to create and save your handwritten signatureHow to create and save your handwritten signature for future use