How to replace roles with a recipient

What to do when you get prompted to replace a role with a recipient when trying to send a document.

Updated over a week ago

I can't send my document, it gives me this message:

  • This is due to that you have used a template that has a template role, a role connected to it. It could be because the template has a lot of fields connected to this role, or a specific authentication method.

  • This means that when using the role, it will automatically connect fields or have that extra authentication method or the role of an approver and you only need to replace that role with a specific recipient.

  • So to be able to proceed with sending the document you need to replace that template role with a recipient. To do so, simply:

  1. Go back to the tab Recipient

  2. Click on the template role (ex, Recipient)

  3. Fill in the recipient's information (if you've already added the recipient, remove the recipient first before adding them to the role)

  4. All done!

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