For the best experience using GetAccept app make sure you are using one of our supported browsers.

Supported desktop browsers:

  • Chrome (stable) - PC, Mac (Incognito mode isn't supported)

  • Firefox (stable) - PC, Mac

  • Internet Explorer 11, Note: IE 11 will no longer be supported after May 1:st 2021

  • Microsoft Edge (stable) - PC and Mac

  • Safari (stable) - Mac only (Safari Private Browsing isn't supported)

Supported mobile browsers:

Note: Stable means that we test and support the stable release channel, this is instead of referring to numbered release version as that changes frequently. Before reporting problems please make sure your browser is up to date on the stable release channel. If reporting problems to GetAccept customer support you may be asked to include what browser version you are running.

Why: Browser developers frequently make improvements to provide you with a faster, more secure online experience. Newer browsers also support a wider range of designs and features than older browsers.

Some features in GetAccept don't work with an outdated or unsupported browsers and we often can't provide technical support in this case.

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