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Issues related to the document

Explains the most common issues related to documents

Updated over a week ago

If you are experiencing issues with the document, please refer to these common resolutions. The message you sent will be transferred to our support operators and they will reply asap in the chat in the bottom right corner.

Please note that questions regarding the content of the document needs to be taken with the sender, this guide is only for questions related to the signing procedure by GetAccept.

Common resolutions

  • Not all required fields are filled out, these need to be filled out before it is possible to sign the document.

  • The document is not read through, you need to scroll down to the bottom of the document in order to be able to sign it.

  • Not all required attachments has been viewed, these needs to be viewed in order to be able to sign.

  • Not all required files have been uploaded. If the document has required uploads (these are normally identification proof or similar), these needs to be uploaded in order to be able to sign.

  • Document doesn't load properly, please reload the page. If issue still persists, please use the contact form in order to recieve instant help.

  • My handwritten signature doesn't resemble my regular one. It is easier to write your signature if you look at your trackpad while writing it. Please also note that the written signature is not required for a valid e-signature. If you want to learn more on the validity of our e-signature process, please read this article

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