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How to bulk select documents to edit/manage

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If you have a lot of documents that you want to edit at the same time, you can use one of our supported bulk actions to help manage them with one click.

In the document list, you can mark which documents you want to update by using the checkbox next to the document. Once you selected one or more documents, a menu will appear at the bottom of the screen with a few different choices.

Document list checkboxes

What you can do when bulk-selecting documents

Add tags

You can mark several documents from the document list and add selected tags to those documents. Just mark the documents, click on Tag and you will from here be able to choose which tag you want to add to your documents.

Kindly note: this is an enterprise feature

Edit reminders

You can choose to change the reminders connected to several documents at the same time and select when you want the reminders to be sent.

Please note!

The documents need to have an expiration date set in order to use the reminders. Also please be aware that if any of your documents expire before the selected reminder date, no reminders will be sent.

Change owner

Do you need to cover for a coworker during the sendout process or after it has been signed? You can then easily mark the documents that are in draft and change owner to yourself or anyone else of your coworkers to manage the document from draft to sent.

Do you then want to change the owner back after it has been signed, you can also bulk select the wished documents and transfer the ownership back. Please note that changing owner is only possible to do on documents that are in draft or signed.

When changing owner, you will also be able to select if you want to keep the old owner as the recipient of all notifications, or if you perhaps want both yourself and the previous owner to receive the notifications.

Edit expiration date

You can mark several documents and update the expiration date.

Please note!

The date needs to be in the future and there will not be an email sent to the recipient with a personalized message of update. If users want to include a message, they can use the update expiration feature from inside the document one by one.


You will be able to download multiple documents at once. Documents downloaded will be saved as a zip file on your laptop. The possibility to download documents works for all document statuses except for documents that are still in draft.


You can delete several documents at the same time. Once you confirm the deletion, the documents will end up in the /deleted tab on the document list to allow you to still see the documents and create a new version.

From the deleted tab, you will be able to view the deleted documents and create a new version if needed.

Please note:

If you want to permanently delete the documents, you will need to open each document one by one and delete them as a bulk delete is not possible from this view.

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