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When you enter your sent document, you will see the document's information (name, value expiration date) below the engagement statistics and recipient information. To the right, you will see the conversation tab to engage fast with your recipient(s).

The document view is divided into tabs so you can easily navigate between them and edit the settings.

Document information

Here you can edit the document name, value, and edit tags (Enterprise plus plan only). You can also preview the document, see the email information that was sent when it was created and access below document settings:

Please note: The document information such as name and value can only be edited up until the document has been fully signed.

  1. To access the document menu, click on the three dots up to the right in the document view

Here you can:

To preview the document, click on the eye symbol, and to check what was in the email send-out click on the "i" symbol.

Engagement tab

Here you will be able to see the recipient(s) activity in the document. What they have viewed the most and for how long. You can also up on the right, filter on specific recipients to see it individually.

You can click on the blocks to see a preview of the document page to see what page they for example spent the most time on. And what they spent less time on:

You can also click on View page to be redirected to that page under the Document tab.

Recipient(s) column

Here you will be able to see the recipient(s), and contact information, reach out to them, remove the signer role or transfer signature rights and also add new recipient(s):

To send the recipient(s) a reminder, click on Send reminder and choose either SMS, Email, or Video reminder.

To access the recipient menu, click on the three dots for the specific recipient you want to interact with.

Here is what you can do:

Please note: You can only add new recipients up until it’s been fully signed.

Document tab

Here you can view the document that was sent.

If you’ve created it with the Editor or a Google Drive template, you can edit this here as well.

Timeline tab

This is the detailed event log of your document.

Here, from the latest activity, you will be able to scroll down to the very start from when the document was sent and see what has happened since.

Who opened the document, who has read it, who commented, and at what time they did it.

Document settings tab

Here you can also change the expiration date of the document.

Turn off automatic reminders or set them when they are to be sent.

You can change the contract start/end date and also add notifications for the document.

If the document has been signed this view will be a bit different. Then you will be able to change the owner of the document.

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