Sometimes you will need to recall a signer because you no longer need them to sign the document.

This can happen if you added two signers and only need one to sign a document or if you simply no longer need to collect a recipient's signature.

How to recall a signer

  1. Go to the active document.

  2. Click on the three dots to the right of the signer’s status.

  3. Select "Recall signer"

  4. Choose whether the signing right should be transferred to a new recipient.

  5. Click on "Recall Signer".

  6. Done!

If there are two signers and one has already signed the document, you can recall the second signer to close the document and deliver the final signed documents to all of the parties involved.

Transfer signature rights

When you recall a signer you can choose to transfer signature rights. This means that a new signer will be added to the send-out and will take over the rights to sign the document from the previous recipient.

Please note!

If you have a recipient that is not a signer and you wish for them to be able to sign you will need to create a new version of the send out and there change the roles.

You can not transfer the rights to them. You can also not transfer the signature right to an already existing recipient on the document.

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