Once a document is sent, you will see the document, and all relating documents to your opportunity/account/contact/etc, within the GetAccept Salesforce integration. You will be able to see the document status, but if you click the view icon, you will be also able to see the analytics.

With GetAccept Analytics you can see how many times the document has been opened, the total time spent on the document, chat history, event log, and how many unique viewers have looked at the document. You can also see how much time has been spent on each page of your document, which can hint to you what your recipient is interested in most.

The data will be live when you open Analytics and will update automatically as your recipients interact with your document!

This feature is available in version 2.16.0 and above of the GetAccept Salesforce integration. How to update your GetAccept for Salesforce: http://help.getaccept.com/en/articles/4686433-updating-getaccept-for-salesforce

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