How to view the log of your document

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When you are in the document view, you can click on the tab Timeline to see the events that have occurred since the document was sent.

This is the detailed event log of your document.

Here, from the latest activity, you will be able to scroll down to the very start from when the document was sent and see what has happened since. Who opened the document, who has read it, who commented, and when they did so.

In the event log, you can view the action that has been taken, who took it, what device they took it from, the location (down to the IP Address), and when the action was created. We will also mark when and if they opened the email you sent them.

Explanations of statuses a document can have

  • Created

When the document was created and by what user and IP address

  • Signed

When the document was signed and using what device (desktop/mobile)

  • Sealed

When a document is finalized it is sealed and hashed before being sent out to the recipients.

  • Sent

When the document was sent out to the recipient in the list.

  • Verified

If the user or recipient is using a verification method it is listed here, for example, electronic identification, initials, text message, or handwritten/biometric signature.

  • Email opened

When the email message was opened. Note that Gmail can falsely register opens and stepping through the inbox is registered as an opened email.

  • Viewed

When the document was opened the first time.

  • Reviewed

When the document has been fully read and all pages registered as viewed.

  • Printed

The recipient clicked the print button in the document.

  • Downloaded

The recipient clicked the download button in the document.

  • Commented

A user or recipient added a chat comment to the document.

  • Reminder

A reminder was sent to the recipient about the document. The reminder reason can be found in the information field.

  • Forwarded

The document was forwarded by a recipient to another person.

  • Transferred

The signature rights were transferred to another person.

  • Rejected

The recipient has chosen to reject the document.


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