Do you need to update something in a sent-out document? Or do you want to create a copy of the sent-out document and send it to new recipients?

Then you can create a new version of the document.

How to Create a new version of a document

  1. Open the document you want to create a new version of.

  2. Click on the three dots up in the right corner.

  3. Choose "Create new version”

  4. Select which information you want to transfer to the new version.

  5. Choose to recall or not recall the previous version.

  6. Done!

When creating a new version of the document it will create a new draft. This means that if you recall the previous version, the recipients will receive a new link to the new version that you created.

Please note!

If a recipient has signed the document, they will need to redo the signing. A fully signed document can't be recalled but you can create a new version of it.

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