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Documents - Introduction

How to navigate through all your documents

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In the Document tab, you will find all the documents that you have created in the GetAccept platform. You'll see all active, drafted, sent, read, signed, expired, rejected, and deleted documents.

Filter documents

At the top right, you can filter which documents to display, either your own, your team's, or everyone's documents.

As a user, you can choose to see your documents or the document sent from users in a team.

If you are an admin, you can also see all the documents sent by the users on the entity.

It is also possible to filter tagged documents. By using this, you see all the documents that have a specific tag attached to them.

Bulk select

If you need to edit multiple documents at the same time, you can choose select one, several, or all documents and perform one of the following actions:

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Bulk delete

You can mark and delete several documents from the different tabs. All deleted documents will be possible to find in the Deleted tab after deletion in case you need to find them again

Bulk edit expiration date

You can mark one or more documents and update the expiration date by selecting a new date and time for when you want the document to expire. Please note that if you want to inform the users about the expiration and add a connected email message, we ask you to change the expiration date from inside the document to be able to send a message to your recipients.

Bulk change owner

If you need to assign a colleague to be the owner, you can choose to mark several documents and assign someone else as the owner.

Please note:

However, you can only change owner on documents that are in Draft or Signed.

Bulk Download

You can download several documents at the same time to your laptop and they will be exported as a ZIP file in order for you to easily access all the downloaded documents in one place.

Please note:

However, you are not able to download a drafted document.

Bulk edit reminders

If you want to send multiple reminders at the same time, you can choose which documents to send a reminder to.

Please note:

That in order for the reminder to be possible, the documents need to have an expiration date.

Bulk tag documents

Do you want to group multiple documents together using a tag?

Simply select which documents you want to tag, select the tag, and voila! You can now tag multiple at the same time and then easily find it using the filter.

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