Dealboard - Introduction

How to navigate through your dealboard

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Overview of the Dealboard

In the Dealboard tab, you can see your active sales and their progress so far. You can follow the document from when it is sent, opened, reviewed, and finally signed. You will also see the document's latest action like if it's been downloaded, printed, or commented on.

When a progress bar is orange, it indicates that the activity has been started but not completed by all of the recipients. Green indicates that the step was completed by all recipients of the send-out.

Latest Action

Here you can see the latest action done on the deal and on what day and time it occurred. You can see if the recipients have downloaded, printed, forwarded, or commented on the document. If an activity icon is marked orange, it means that the recipient has done this activity.


Here you can see all the progress that has been made on a deal. You can see when it was sent if it has been opened, read through, and if it has been signed.

If a field is green, it indicates that all of the recipients of the deal have completed this activity. If the field is orange, the activity has been started, but not completed by all the recipients. This happens when there are several recipients added to a document.


This is where you can keep track of when the document expires. If you need to change the expiration date of the deal, you can easily modify it by clicking on the ... action menu and selecting 'change expiration date'.


In the Action Menu, you can change the due date, create a new version of the deal, or upload a signed document if it should be signed manually. You can also mark the deal as lost or delete it completely. Would you need to send any reminders to your recipients, you can choose to also send an SMS reminder, video reminder, or email reminder to alert your recipient if any action is needed from their end.
​Please note:
​If you choose to upload a manually signed document, you won't get a certificate since the signing has been done outside of GetAccept.

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