If you are with a person who would like to sign your document in-person or in-store, you can open the document on your device, have them fill in any fields, and sign.

Follow the normal document workflow, and when you click Prepare Document for Sending, click on the Share document link button.

When the document has been sealed you will be redirected to the document page and a window will appear with the recipient link.

  1. Click on the three dots to the right and choose Open in a new tab.

  2. Click that and your document will open for the person to review and sign right in front of you!

You can also have a person sign in-person if you have already sent the document out to them via email or SMS.

Simply click on the menu next to their name, click the Share document link button and copy the link to send via email or if the person is right next to you then you can also here choose Open in a new tab.

To ensure top security when doing in-person signing, we strongly suggest to make sure you always use Hand-Written signatures. This will give you extra evidence that the person signed in person.

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