If you do not have handwritten signatures as your default signing method, you can do it on a per-document basis when preparing the document.
Either you add a signature field to the document, or you can enable it in the draft action menu.

How to enable handwritten signature in the draft action menu

  1. Click on the draft action menu

  2. Choose "Settings"

  3. Tick in "Use handwritten signature"

  4. Click "Ok"

  5. Done!

How to disable handwritten signature in a draft

If you accidentally added a signature field to your document, the "Use handwritten signature" option will automatically be ticked in under the draft settings. To disable handwritten signature you have to do the following below.

  1. Remove the signature field from the document

  2. Click on the draft action menu

  3. Choose "Settings"

  4. Tick out "Use handwritten signature"

  5. Click "Ok"

  6. Done!

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