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How to set up Communication templates
How to set up Communication templates

Communication templates

Updated over a week ago

Please note! This is an upcoming feature that will be released shortly!

Limitations may apply due to plan availability.

GetAccept is introducing: Communication templates!

With the launch of Communication templates, it is now possible for Admins to create and customize different email, chat, and SMS messages into different templates to be able to provide more flexibility in communication with your customers.

What is communication templates?

Communication templates are a new feature where the admin has the possibility to:

  • Create different messaging that can be used by different departments and written in different languages to customize the communication towards your customers

  • Possibility for an admin to create templates and choose what language the signed document certificate should be in

  • Possibility to customize the email messages further by allowing admins to now customize the text for the Footer and open document button (CTA = Call to action button).

Who is it available for?

Customers who are on an Enterprise+ and Professional plan will be able to create their own customized messages into different templates.

  • Enterprise+ - Unlimited amount of templates

  • Professional - 1 default template and 3 customized templates

  • All other plans - 1 default template only to replace existing Email, Chat and SMS functionality.

Which emails/SMS/Chat messages can I customize?

  • Email & SMS with link

    • This is the email & SMS that is sent out to your recipient once the document is sent from Get Accept which includes the link to access the document

  • Reminders

    • Reminder Email & SMS - This is the reminder that will be sent out when the document has not been opened.

  • Signed

    • Signed document email - This is the email informing all recipients that the document is now signed that also includes the final PDF with the attached certificate and audit log.

  • Chat

    • Automatic chat message/conversation starter - This is an automatic message populated in the chat once the recipient opens the document.

    • Automatic chat reminder email - This is the reminder email with & reminder chat message informing the recipient to reach out if the document has not been opened in 24 hours.

How do you create a new template?

Please note that only an admin has the option to create and manage the templates.

Default communication template

  • The default communication template replaces the existing functionality that used to be called Email, Chat and SMS in the settings menu.

  • Get Accepts provides a default message for all new entities in the Default template that will be used for all messaging types, see above for which messages that are affected.

  • These messages can be overridden by the admin of the entity to make them more custom to your company. Please note that these are set on an entity level and can not be customized per document sendout. If you do not want to override the message, all emails and SMS will be sent using the Get Accept default message.

Create your own template

  • If you are on Enterprise or Professional plan, you will be able to create your own templates that can be chosen during the sendout flow to customize the communication to a specific document.

  • As an admin, first, navigate to Settings -> Communication templates.

    From here, you will be able to see all existing templates on the entity as well as some more information about the templates. That information includes what state they are in, Published or Draft, when they were created & by who as well as when it was last edited & by who it was edited.

  • You will also be able to use the search function to find a specific template by simply add the name of the template into the search bar and hit enter.

  1. To create a new template, press the Create content button on the top right.

  2. You will be asked to name your template as a first step, which can be edited later on.

  3. Start by selecting Language. The language selector will control what language the signed PDF document certificate should be in.

  4. When you are done, simple press save and choose if you want to save it as a draft or as a Published template.

You will be able to see some examples of how you can write your messages in the different text boxes for each messaging type, as the GetAccept default content is pre-populated. Simply just start writing your message in whatever language you prefer in the selected text boxes to override it with your own content.

If a template is saved as a draft, it will not be selectable from the user in the sendout flow. Only published templates are selectable and ready to use when you go to send out the document.

How do you use a communication template?

  • When you have created your document and are ready to send it to your recipients, you will have the option to choose what template to use from the Sending tab. This can be used by any user role, only modifications and creations are restricted to admins.

  • Just select what template you want to use from the available ones in the drop-down, preview it and you are ready to sendout your document with a customized messaging template.

You can also use merge tags, such as {{sender.first_name}}, to automate email personalization.

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