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A step by step guide when creating a sendout from the Pipedrive integration

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Go to a deal, people, or organization. This is where the integration is active

Log into the GetAccept integration with your GetAccept credentials. After this is done you will be presented with two options, either send a signable document (For signing) or a non-signable document (For tracking).

When you click on either For signing or For tracking it will take you to the next step, here you can see that it automatically fetches the contact. You can also in the search field add more contacts to your send out.

In the next step, you get to choose either to upload a document or choose one of your premade templates. Here you can also click on Manage/Create templates, this will redirect you to your content library in GetAccept.

How to fetch custom merge tag from your CRM

You can also with templates fetch data into your document with merge tags from Pipedrive (click on Show template parameters to fetch the merge tag to add to your template in GetAccept) To know more about adding Editor custom merge tags, click here

If you choose to add a template and it has fields you can easily see what's been added or add new data within the fields:

When done you will be taken to the engagement step, here you can choose to record an introduction video. You can also choose one from the library. Also see what email content will be sent out, and edit that as well.

And lastly, you can edit the document name and the email you want it to be sent with

If you click on send you can in Pipedrive also set follow ups, so you will be notified when you want to follow up on this document.

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