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Getting started with Pipedrive

A step by step guide when creating a sendout from the Pipedrive integration

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How to create a document from Pipedrive via GetAccept

  1. Go to a deal, people, or organization. This is where the integration is active

  2. Log into the GetAccept integration with your GetAccept credentials.

  3. Select Start sendout

  4. After this is done you will be presented with two options, either send a signable document (Contract) or a non-signable document.

  5. In the next step you will select your content:

    1. Select a template

    2. Upload a file as a document or as an attachment

  6. Once done you can click on Next

  7. In the next step, you can add your recipients, if the deal has a connected contact it will be added here automatically. Here you can also manage the merge fields on the template

  8. In the next step, you can personalize your document by recording a video introduction or adding an introduction video from your library

  9. The last and final step will show you an overview of the document to be sent:

    1. Check document details (name, expiration date, value)

    2. Recipient(s)

    3. Sending options (Schedule sending, send as an SMS, send smart reminders (Automatic reminders)

    4. Create an internal Pipedrive task to follow up on the document

Finally, you can proceed with sending your document, you can do that by selecting in the right bottom corner:

  • Sign and send (Will send the document via email right away)

  • Sign and share the document link (Will seal the document and you can share each recipient's unique document link at a later stage)

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