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Manage your settings in GetAccept for SuperOffice integration - what’s new
Manage your settings in GetAccept for SuperOffice integration - what’s new

Get an overview of what is new from an Admin and User perspective in the Manage panel in the GetAccept for SuperOffice integration.

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Learn what’s new in the Settings panel

The GetAccept for SuperOffice integration is located on the Sales and Company tab within SuperOffice and is developed and owned by i-Centrum, following the overall GetAccept product roadmap and guidelines.

The transition to GetAccept for SuperOffice Integration 2.0 is seamless. Read here how you upgrade to the new version.

While the main user workflow remains largely the same, we've improved the UX experience and added new features (e.g. email templates and transferring of document ownership) to make it easier and faster to share, personalize, and track the performance of your sales content, and given you more settings to control from inside the GetAccept to SuperOffice integration.

As a SuperOffice and GetAccept Admin, you now have more settings to adjust for your GetAccept for SuperOffice integration directly from SuperOffice.

Other settings will still need to be set directly from the GetAccept platform for the entire entity.

In this article, you get an overview of what is new from an Admin and User perspective in the Manage panel in GetAccept for SuperOffice integration.

The Menu

You find the menu to access app wide settings to the right on the web panel.

From the menu, you can change between languages, entities, and define sendout settings. As an Admin user, you also have access to the Administration, where you can manage integration licenses and installation.

The following languages are available: English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, German, and Finnish.


Merge Fields (Available for both users and admins)

Auto-populate CRM data to your documents.

Automatically build personalized proposals leveraging the data in your SuperOffice records and save time in the document creation process. Seamlessly embed CRM data right within your GetAccept Template using dynamic merge fields. Modify and update your proposals even after sending them.

In Settings, you find a direct link to an online resource that outlines generic and universal merge tags to all SuperOffice users.

You can use these merge tags to automatically transfer SuperOffice data to your GetAccept templates, like contact name, email address etc.

Here is a link to the Merge Field guide.

Don’t find the merge tag you are looking for?

Please contact i-Centrum at

Automation (Available only for admins)

The new GetAccept for SuperOffice integration now comes with highly requested and now out of the box automations that will enable your team and users to work smarter.

Is there a piece of information that your sales reps need to include in all your sendouts like a link to your terms and conditions?

Now you, as an Admin, can set a URL attachment to be included in every single send out. This way no one forgets to share the information, and it won’t come back and bite you in the tail because someone forgot to share it.

Do you also need to make sure that they actually read it or at least open it? Just tick the box, and it becomes a requirement for the recipient to open the link before they can sign the document.

Another highly requested automation that makes it easier for your team to keep their CRM discipline up to date. Simply enable the automation, and the integration will automatically update the status of a Sale to “sold” once a document is signed.

User Settings (Available for both users and admins)

In the new GetAccept for SuperOffice integration, as an Admin, you now also have the option to create and store multiple email templates. Make different email templates available for your team to choose between during the sendout process.

The company wide default template is set centrally from the settings in GetAccept.

The default template will be pulled from GetAccept upon installation.

From the User Settings, the individual User can now select the email template they want to have as their default.

Administration (Available only for admins)

For you, as a SuperOffice Admin, it has now become easier to manage, track and add users to your GetAccept for SuperOffice Integration.

Read here how to add new users from the Administration.

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