When a document is created, sent, and signed it goes through a series of statuses.

If the document is sent from GetAccept it will upload the document, verify all information, seal, and send. Below is a list explaining all the different statuses you may encounter when sending a document.

Should you here instead choose to Share document link, it will go through the above series of events but it will put the status of the document to Sealed until the document has been opened.

Document statuses


When a document is created and prepared for sending but not sent.


When you send a document from GetAccept. This status will remain until the document link has been opened by the recipient(s).


When the document is opened by the recipient(s) but has not been fully reviewed.


When the document has been fully reviewed by the recipient(s).


When you have marked the document as lost or if the recipient(s) has rejected the document.


When you delete a document or when you create a new version.


When you upload a file and we import it, it occurs before being sealed. It will only remain in this status for a second, happens before it is finalized and sealed by us. It happens when the document is uploaded.

If it is stuck in status Importing this indicates that something has gone wrong with the importing of the document. Kindly reach out to our support team for further help.


A document is always sealed before it is sent.

Please note! If the option to share the document link was chosen it will remain in this status until it has been opened by the recipient.


This is a status that you will see in the Detailed event log before the status is Signed on the recipient(s). This indicates that a verification method was used such as Handwritten signature, or eID verification.


When the document has been signed digitally by the recipient(s), or if the sender has chosen to do a manual signing of the document.


This is a status that will be seen next to the recipient(s). This will occur if the sender chose to Share document link.


This is a status that will be seen next to the recipient(s). This will occur if there is a signing order in place.

Should it be stuck in this status and not sent to the recipient next in line, kindly reach out to our support team for further assistance.

Please note! If there is a signing order and the recipient(s) last in line has the role of Only view. This status will remain as the tracking stops after the last signer has signed the document.

The document will still be sent but the status will not be changed. This is because we stop tracking when the document reaches signed status to respect privacy.

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