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How to create a room to share with participants

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Creating Your Room

Are you ready to start creating your very own room?

Doing so is easy and allows you to customize your own space with any content you want.

You can create your room by using a template room, created in advance or you can start from scratch.

Below we will guide you on how to get started.

Click on Create room up to your left

Then choose if you want to use a Template room or start from scratch. Here is what you can do:

Using a Template Room

If you'd like to use a template room to get started, you can find a selection of pre-made templates in the Template Rooms section. You can also see your recently used templates as well. To use a template room, simply select the one you'd like to use and it will be ready to customize. You can then add more content, adjust the room's settings, and make any other modifications you'd like.

Creating your room from scratch

If you choose to create your room from scratch, simply click on Start from scratch and start by setting a name for your room. Once you have set a name, you can then begin to customize the room the way you want it.

Please note: It is not possible to create a template from a room created from scratch.

After choosing, you will be asked to name your room and add your company name (optional)

Creating your own room can be a fun and creative process!

Making a room from scratch or starting off with a template is easy and flexible, so have fun and make something amazing!

Setting up your room

When you have created your room it will be in draft mode before you published it the first time. Allowing you to add more content to it before going live with it to your recipient(s).

Adding Pages and Content resources

Once you have created your room you can add more pages with content you want to present to the participants.

To add a new page, click on the button + Create page to your left:

You can build your newly added page from scratch, or you can add content resources from your library.

Editing Pages and Sections

You can easily edit existing pages and sections by clicking on the page or section in the tree view. This will bring you to the page or section and allow you to make changes as needed.

You can also rearrange the pages by clicking and dragging them to where you want to place them

Editing visibility

You can adjust the visibility of the page if you only want some content to be presented first. This could be useful if you have a form that needs to be filled out first or content you want them to see later in the process.

When you make the page visible you need to publish your changes (when the room is published with your participants);

It will then notify the recipient that the document has been updated, so they can review the new content. Read more about it in this article

Configure room settings

When you feel your room is ready to be published, you might want to make a few settings on how your room is to be available.

The settings are divided into two parts;

General and Availability:

General settings

The general settings let you adjust various aspects of your room, these are:


You can set a reminder to be sent out to a participant who has already received an invitation but has not yet visited the room. You can also decide if you want the reminder to be repeated after a specified number of days.

Value (only for internal use)

Setting the value of the room will be helpful when you want to link the room to a specific contract later in the process.

Please note that the value will not be visible to the participants and is for internal use only.

Room owner

Sometimes another user on the entity needs to take ownership of the room. Here you can click on the field under Change Owner, and select which user on the entity will have ownership.

The room owner will be notified when someone interacts with the room.


The availability settings let you specify in which mode the room should be available to participants, these are:

Room access:


When a Room is set as public, anyone who has the universal link can enter the room. Best used when the link is to be shared among your participants and their stakeholders.

When a participant has been given the universal link, they will be asked for their email and then added to the room as a participant.

**At the moment a participant who has entered the room via a universal link is only required to enter an email. It will be possible later on to have the participant fill in more information, such as name, company, etc. Just as if they are adding themselves as a contact. Giving you more information about the participant who is in the room.


When a Room is set as restricted, only the manually added participants will be able to access the room.

This setting can be changed at any time.

Unpublish room:

Sometimes you may need to make changes to a Room or have participants who no longer need to access the Room, or the process might have been put on hold.

Instead of deleting the Room completely, you can simply unpublish it.

When unpublished, a Room can be found under the unpublished tab in the section Rooms

Delete room:

If you would like to fully delete a Room, please note that once a Room is deleted it cannot be retrieved again.

Adding Participants to Your Room

When you feel done editing your room it is time to publish and share it with your participants. You can choose to add your participant either after you have published the room, or before you publish the room.

To add participants to the room, click on the "Add Participants" button located in the top right-hand corner of your room.

After clicking the "Add Participants" button, you will be taken to a page allowing you to add participants to the room. Enter each participant’s email address, or choose to quickly add participants from your contacts list.

Once all participants have been successfully added, you can then just close the window to return to the main room page.

At this time, you are now ready to publish your room.

Publishing Your Room

Once you have designed your room, it's time to make it available to your participants. Dependent on what room settings you have chosen, and how you want participants to join the room.

There are three different ways you can go about it:

Send Invitation Email

Choose to send an invitation email to all users that you have added to the room. This email will include a link for them to join.

Share Personal Link

You can choose to invite users one by one. As part of the invitation process will be provided with a unique link for each user. This link can be sent to the individual via email.

Share Universal Link

You can also choose to share a universal link. This link can be shared with a broad range of participants, and they can use it to join the room.

When a participant has been given the universal link, they will be asked for their email and then added to the room as a participant.

That's it! It's now time to start collaborating with your participants. Good luck!

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