Deal Room with Salesforce

Create and manage your GetAccept Deal Room from our Salesforce integration

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We're excited to launch GetAccepts' new Deal Room. Read more about it here.

​How to create a Deal Room from Salesforce

  1. Create a Deal Room

    1. Using Deal Room templates

    2. Adding participants using contacts from Salesforce

    3. Publishing the room or creating a draft to finalize later in GetAccept

    4. Sending a notification message to invited participants

    5. Saving links for the room to share with participants in the desired channel

  2. Managing the Deal Room

    1. Add new participants using contacts from Salesforce to the Deal Room as the sales process progresses

    2. View analytics of time spent in the room by your participants over the last 5 days

    3. Unpublish or publish a room

Ensure that you have our GetAccept integration Version 2.58.0 or higher and that you have the pricing table feature enabled on your entity. To install the package in your Salesforce org, follow the link provided here.

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