SuperOffice Integration 2.0 Billing Update

In this article, we will walk you through the changes in the billing and invoicing methods that you might experience when you upgrade to the new GetAccept for SuperOffice integration 2.0. For most of our customers, the billing and invoicing will remain the same.

Please note that you have to be a SuperOffice admin to install the latest version. See here for a guide on how to install the new version.

How will the upgrade to the new version influence my billing and invoicing process?

The GetAccept for SuperOffice integration is owned, managed, and developed by our partner, i-Centrum. After the installation of the new GetAccept for SuperOffice integration, the billing and invoicing methods will remain unchanged for most of you.

But if you in the past have received an invoice only from GetAccept, you will receive two separate invoices as stated below starting from your next billing cycle:

Invoice 1 – from GetAccept: the GetAccept subscription plans and add-ons, according to your agreement.

Invoice 2 – from i-Centrum: the cost of the integration licenses only.

  1. This part has previously been part of your GetAccept invoice. The amount will be deducted from your next GetAccept invoice once you have updated the integration to the new version.

  2. As a standard, the integration cost is 5€/ 50 SEK/ 50 NOK/ 40 DKK per user per month and covers i-Centrum’s development and maintenance of the integration.

As part of the upgrading/installation process, you will now, as a SuperOffice admin, be able to manage, track and add the users who are using the GetAccept for SuperOffice integration. You get a better overview of your active users in both GetAccept and SuperOffice.

Please contact your GetAccept contact person, if you need an upgrade of GetAccept your current plan.

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