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Updating GetAccept for Salesforce

Ensure you have the most recent version of our GetAccept app for Salesforce. This quick guide runs through the steps required to update.

Updated over a week ago

Upgrading to the most recent GetAccept release for Salesforce is quick and easy. Follow these steps to update your GetAccept package as follows.

(Note: It is recommended to perform this update outside of standard working hours so that no users of the system can interact with the GetAccept component)

How to update GetAccept for Salesforce

  1. First, you should click on the install link for our most recent version. It can be found on AppExchange, but to make life easy we’ve also provide the link here:  

    GetAccept 2.89.0 -

    Please note that if you are updating from an earlier version of the integration that significant changes have been made to the first two steps of the sending flow. A quick overview of the new sending flow for contracts can be viewed here.

  2. Once you’ve clicked on the link and logged into to your target Salesforce org, you can select “Install for all users” and click Upgrade. All existing data generated by GetAccept will remain untouched.

  3. You will then see the upgrade in progress. "Upgrading and granting access to all Users...". This can potentially take two to three minutes.

  4. The upgrade will then notify you when it is complete.

  5. Finally, depending on what version you previously had installed, you may have to grant additional permissions to the users of Salesforce that will be using GetAccept. If you have already granted these permissions, it's still nice to check that everything is correctly configured. The two permissions you will need to check are as follows:

  • Ensure that your Listener guest user has the following permission set: GetAccept Integration Listener

  • Ensure that any specific user intending to use GetAccept has the following permission set: GetAccept Integration User

Once saved, that's it! Your app has been upgraded.

Additional configuration (GetAccept Admin app)

There are some additional settings you can configure for your GetAccept integration, primarily regarding what users are allowed to see and do within the integration. They can be found by navigating to the GetAccept Admin app. In order to use this app, first you need to configure access.

  1. Navigate to Setup | App builder | GetAccept Admin and click edit. Remove any profiles that may currently have access to the app.

  2. Next, proceed to assign the GetAccept Integration Admin permission set to any user you wish to have access to this app.

  3. Finally, because this app uses reporting charts, you must also grant share access to any user to the specific GetAccept Reports folder.

Once this is done, you can then navigate to the GetAccept Admin app, and begin customizing.

You will find more details on what you can do within this app by reading this article.

If you encounter any issues, please contact

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