Upgrading to the most recent GetAccept release for Salesforce is quick and easy. Follow these steps to update your GetAccept package as follows.

(Note: It is recommended to perform this update outside of standard working hours so that no users of the system can interact with the GetAccept component)

  1. First you should click on the install link for our most recent version. It can be found on AppExchange, but to make life easy we’ve also provide the link here:  

    GetAccept 2.17.0 - https://login.salesforce.com/packaging/installPackage.apexp?p0=04t2o000001AwgT

  2. Once you’ve clicked on the link, and logged into to your target Salesforce org, you can select “Install for all users” and click Upgrade. All existing data generated by GetAccept will remain untouched.

3. You will then see the upgrade in progress. "Upgrading and granting access to all Users...". This can potentially take two to three minutes.

4. Finally, the upgrade will notify you when it is complete. You will then see a login form to configure your GetAccept account for Salesforce. You can ignore this section and click done (this assumes you had already had a functioning previous version of GetAccept).

5. Finally, depending on what version you previously had installed, you may have to grant additional permissions to the users of Salesforce that will be using GetAccept. If you have already granted these permissions, it's still nice to check that everything is correctly configured.

You can grant permissions to your users via their profile, or using a permission set. Regardless of which method, there are two permissions that need granted.

Object permissions

Grant object and field permissions for the GetAccept_Documents and GetAccept_Events object, as shown below:

Apex class access

Grant access to the GetAccept API class, as shown below.

Once saved, that's it! Your app has been upgraded.

You can now test the flow and notify your users of their new shiny upgrade.

If you encounter any issues, please contact support@getaccept.com

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