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Install GetAccept for SuperOffice Integration 2.0
Install GetAccept for SuperOffice Integration 2.0

Learn how to update your GetAccept for SuperOffice integration to the latest version

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How to install GetAccept for SuperOffice Integration 2.0

SuperOffice is a CRM that gives everyone in your organization a 360-degree overview of all ongoing or planned activities with a specific customer, making collaboration across teams easier than ever.

The GetAccept for SuperOffice integration is located on the Sales and Company tab within SuperOffice and is developed and owned by i-Centrum, following the overall GetAccept product roadmap and guidelines.

The transition to GetAccept for SuperOffice Integration 2.0 is seamless. While the main user workflow remains largely the same, we've improved the UX experience and added new features (e.g. email templates and transferring of document ownership) to make it easier and faster to share, personalize, and track the performance of your sales content.

For you as a SuperOffice admin, it also becomes easier to manage, track and add users to the integration.

In this article, you’ll find a detailed guide about how to install the latest version.

Please note that you have to be a SuperOffice admin to install the latest version.

Install the GetAccept for SuperOffice Integration 2.0

1. Go to the GetAccept for SuperOffice marketplace.

2. Click “Install” - choose the SuperOffice environment and click “Approve

3. Enter Company Information, Billing Information (VAT number), and Amount of Licenses

4. Click “Sign up

  • You will be redirected to the integration page, where the installation will be finalized.

  • When you click “sign-up”, i-Centrum will automatically send you a new contract for the integration licenses for the integration cost only

5. Click “Upgrade/Install

  • When you click upgrade, the old GetAccept web panels will be replaced with the new web panels within SuperOffice.

  • If you are a new GetAccept for SuperOffice customer the new GetAccept web panels will simply be added to your SuperOffice environment.

Now the latest version of GetAccept for SuperOffice Integration has been installed/upgraded. Next, you need to go back to SuperOffice and login to GetAccept from there:

  1. Click the button “Go to SuperOffice”

  2. Go to the GetAccept tab on the Company or Sales card

  3. Login to GetAccept using your GetAccept credentials

  4. Select your entity

  5. Click on your name and then “Administration” to add additional users

As part of the installation process, you need to add the number of Integration licenses that you need access to in SuperOffice. In most cases, it’s correlated with your GetAccept Sales licenses. Double-check with your GetAccept contract if you are unsure.

After the installation of the new GetAccept for SuperOffice integration, the billing and invoicing methods will remain unchanged for most GetAccept for SuperOffice customers.

But if you in the past have received an invoice only from GetAccept, please read about the changes on the billing and invoicing methods that you might experience for your next billing cycle.


After you update and save the changes, your sales reps might need to log out from SuperOffice and GetAccept and login again to experience the latest version.

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