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SuperOffice 2.0 Integration
How to send documents through the SuperOffice integration
How to send documents through the SuperOffice integration

Learn how to send documents with GetAccept through the SuperOffice integration.

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Send a document with GetAccept through SuperOffice

The goal of our integration is to enable users to work within SuperOffice as much as possible when using the integration. We aim to provide as much functionality from GetAccept in the CRM as possible, helping the users to accelerate their sales process from sales-qualified leads to closed won.

In this article, you’ll find a detailed guide with a video on how to send a document with GetAccept through the SuperOffice integration.

The GetAccept for SuperOffice integration is a native integration that can be found on the Sales and Company card within SuperOffice.

Step 1: Select your content

We want to give the sales rep the ability to add any relevant content to their Digital Sales Room. You can build your Digital Sales Room leveraging a variety of content. You can choose between SuperOffice templates or GetAccept templates.

  • GetAccept Templates

    • You can use a GetAccept template from your Content library, which gives you the ability to combine text, video, meeting links, case studies, and sales presentations.

    • Many companies use the Content Library as a centralized location to aggregate their marketing and sales-approved content into templates

  • SuperOffice templates

    • Select documents that already exist in SuperOffice.

    • Select a main document and/or an attachment

  • Upload Files and/or attachments

    • You can upload files stored on your local drive

    • However, we do not recommend this process. It is better to add the file as a new document in SuperOffice and select SuperOffice templates.

Step 2: Select the template

The new integration supports template roles from GetAccept.

When you select a GetAccept template with merge tags, the integration will tell you which data points will be pulled from SuperOffice onto the template for you to check that everything is correct. If there is an error, the integration will flag it so you can update the SuperOffice data directly on the Sales, Contact, or Company card.

Note: make sure to create merge tags in your GetAccept template as “Custom merge tags” and add the correct SuperOffice merge tag. You can find a comprehensive list of SuperOffice merge tags here.

Step 3: Select recipients

Add new recipients from the associated company from a drop-down menu. You can also add new contacts directly to the Company from the integration if necessary.

Add new recipients from your SuperOffice database by just searching for the name in the second drop-down menu.

You can select multiple recipients and assign different roles based on the template role.

Step 4: Select the type of content

Do you want to send a document for signing or do you just want to share some information with the recipients? Select the right type of content as explained below:

  • Sales: proposals, quotes, agreements, contracts → Need a signature

  • Digital Sales Room: sales presentations, meeting agendas + notes, case studies, terms & conditions → Does not need a signature

Step 5: Select the owner of the document

Before sending a document, you can use the drop-down menu under “Owner” and select another colleague (e.g., the Customer Success Manager, Account Executive, Account Manager, or Solution Engineer) to take over the communication.

The selected new owner will receive notifications related to the document to take the deal further down the funnel.

This new feature helps align you and your post-sales teams and ensure a smooth and seamless buying experience for your customers.

Step 6: Select the email template

Select between different email templates, depending on the message/language needed. SuperOffice Admins can click on “New Template” to create and save multiple email messages.

The users can quickly select the template that fits the recipients the most via the drop-down menu and send it, saving the time of writing a new one every time.

Step 7: Add introduction video

By adding engaging communication features, sales reps see a 30% increase in hit rate.

With the new GetAccept for SuperOffice, it’s easier to record and add an engagement video to your document. Add an introduction video by:

  • Recording a video from your GetAccept Mobile app.

  • Uploading a video from your local drive

  • Webcam – opening Getaccept in a new window

Step 8: Check the sendout summary and click send

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