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How to add new users in the new GetAccept for SuperOffice integration
How to add new users in the new GetAccept for SuperOffice integration

Learn how to add new users in the new GetAccept for SuperOffice integration.

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Learn how to add new users to the GetAccept for SuperOffice integration

For you, as a SuperOffice Admin, it has now become easier to manage, track and add users to your GetAccept for SuperOffice Integration.

As a SuperOffice and GetAccept Admin, you now have more settings and administration to adjust for your GetAccept for SuperOffice integration directly from SuperOffice.

The transition to GetAccept for SuperOffice Integration 2.0 is seamless. Read here how you upgrade to the new version.

While the main user workflow remains largely the same, we've improved the UX experience and added new features (e.g. email templates and transferring of document ownership) to make it easier and faster to share, personalize, and track the performance of your sales content, and give you more settings to control from inside the GetAccept to SuperOffice integration.

In this article, you get a guide on how to add new users from the Administration in the integration.

How to add new users to the SuperOffice integration

You find the menu to access app wide settings to the right on the web panel.

From the menu, you can change between languages, entities, and define sendout settings. As an Admin user, you have access to the Administration, where you can manage integration licenses and installation.

Administration (Available only for admins)

As part of the installation process, you should set the number of Integration licenses that you need access to in SuperOffice. In most cases, it’s correlated with your GetAccept Sales licenses.

I.e. if you added 10 licenses in the installation process, you can assign 10 SuperOffice users to the integration from this view.

You can easily track how many available licenses you have left at the top. If you need more integration licenses, simply click “Purchase more licenses” or contact your Getaccept contact person to upgrade your GetAccept plan.

Simply toggle the bar to the left to give individual SuperOffice Users access to the app.

And click Save.

  • Click the Menu to the right

  • Click “Administration”

  • Select “Manage Users”

  • Toggle bar to give individual SuperOffice Users Access to the app.

  • Click “Save”

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