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Reports - Introduction

How to navigate and pull reports about your documents' KPIs

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When you're in the Sales mode app you will see the Reports tab.

Here you can see document performance, cycle times, and statistics about your business for the current month. You can also pull reports for previous months.

Manager or Admin

If you have admin or manager permissions, you will have access to see more information. You can see hit-rate insight, activity report, and organization report for your group.

Hit rate insights

Shows how many documents a user has sent, how many have been signed, the hit rate in percent, and the total value of the signed documents. Hold the mouse over a bubble and you can see more specific details about the user's hit rate.

When we calculate the hit rate for a month we look at the percentage of signed sales documents the selected month out of the available for signing. We do not include documents that have been recalled, where the expiration date has passed or are in the valley of death.

Monthly report - summary

In the monthly report, you will also see a summary of sent documents, sent deals, and more, below is a short explanation of the summary section.

The data you see here is for the selected month:

Sent documents

Are all document types sent from "New Document" during the selected month.

Deals sent

Are all documents that you have sent as "Sales" type during the selected month.

Signed documents

Are all signed documents that have been signed during the selected month.

Won deals

Are all signed documents that you have sent as "Sales". Won Deals are the same as signed documents and do not include recalled documents.

Sent value

The total amount of sent documents, all types.

Deals value

The total value of documents of type Sales is out for signing, not recalled, and is signed or marked as lost during the current time period.

  • Sent documents are totally sent while deals sent are those sent - recalled - lost - hard-bounced. Deals sent also include those signed or marked as lost during the selected time period.

Activity report

Shows user information, such as sent and signed documents, how many logins, and video recordings a user has created for their send-outs. The users are filtered by the team they are part of.

Organization report

It gives you the same info as in the Activity report but for the whole organization.

How to Export Data

If you are the administrator of the entity, you can also export data to a CSV file.

โ€‹To export data, do the following:

  1. Select the tab Export data

  2. Choose whose data you want to export (Entity data or my data)

  3. Filter on time period

  4. Choose what data you want to export

  5. Click on Export selected data

  6. Done!

You will receive a CSV file sent to your email. To convert to an Excel file follow this guide.

Find previously exported data

Have you exported a large amount of data then we will not send it to your email, but you can manually download it from the Export data tab under My exported files

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