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Contracts - Introduction

How to organize your signed documents and agreements

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Once a document has been signed through GetAccept, it ends up in the Contracts tab.

Contract management is a tool where you can easily organize and edit all your signed documents by creating folders, and tags, and applying filters.

If you have documents signed outside of GetAccept, you can upload and store them here.

You can set a contract period for a document and activate reminders. Then an email will be sent to you when it is time to renew the agreement or document with the recipient.


In the Contracts tab, you will see all your signed documents.

The documents are automatically sorted by the latest signed Sales Document.

You can change the filtering by pressing on Document, Owner, Value, Agreement period, or Signing date. To the right, you have more advanced filter settings, such as which document type you want to search for.

If you want to search for a specific document, do so under the Search box at the top. Enter the document name, recipient, or tag and press Enter on your keyboard to search for it.

Below the search box, you can also see how many documents you have, the total contract value for your documents, and the average contract value in the selected folder.

We calculate the average contract value by adding the total sum of all documents and then dividing it by the number of signed documents.


I have two documents. Document 1 with value 1234 and Document 2 with value 4321.

1234 + 4321 = 5555

5555/2 = 2777.5

Here we round up so the average sum is 2778

Please note:

An admin of the account can see and edit all user's signed documents that are in Contract Manager. This also applies if the document is set as private.

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