A user can have three different statuses, Active, Inactive, and Pending.

Active user

When a user has the status as Active they have an active login to the entity.

They can access the GetAccept platform and send documents. An active user takes up one user license.

Inactive user

If a user is inactive this means that they no longer can access the entity and/or account, they will not be able to log in.

All the inactive user documents will still be available and can be accessed by the administrator of the entity. If the inactive user would be removed, all their documents will also be removed.

An inactive user doesn't take up a user license. That means that you can have more inactive users than you have user licenses.


When you have invited a new user to the entity they will have the status Pending until they have activated their log in from the email that was sent to them.

If a new user can't activate their new account you as an admin can manually change it from Pending to Active.

Change a user status

This setting can only be edited by an admin.

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Choose Users

  3. Click on the name of the user

  4. Change status to Active or Inactive

  5. Done!

Please note!

Don't change the last admin of the account to inactive. Before removing an admin or making them inactive, make sure to have given another user the role of administrator. If this isn't done the account will be without an admin that is responsible for the entity/account.

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