GetAccept supports the ability to provision users and teams from Okta using the SCIM protocol. For customers that utilize Okta, users can be provisioned to the platform and automatically added to Teams in GetAccept for convenient access management. GetAccept provisioning integration supports the following features:

  • Create users in GetAccept

  • Deletes users (inactivates users in GetAccept)

  • Create teams and assign members in GetAccept (from Okta Push Groups)

  • Manage access rights based on custom application roles


To set up GetAccept user provisioning with Okta, you need to have an access to a GetAccept Admin account and logged in as an administrator in Okta.

If you haven't configured the steps for Single sign-on this needs to be done first as Okta requires the SSO to be set up to be able to set up the SCIM.

Configuration Steps

  1. Go to your Applications -> Applications and Browse App Catalog

2. Search for GetAccept.

3. And add the application

4. Under the provisioning tab set up the integration.

5. Now open a separate tab with Getaccept and go to settings>integrations and scroll down to the SCIM integration

6. Copy the tenant URL in GetAccept and add it to Base URL in Okta

7. Copy the token and add it to the API Token field in Okta

8. Now press save in GetAccept

9. Now test your connection if you followed the above instructions it should be successful. And press Save.

Setting up provisioning

  1. In the Provisioning, tab click on App

  2. Then edit provisioning to app

  3. Check the Create Users and Deactivate Users checkbox and click Save

  1. Then go to the Assignments menu and add Users or Groups that you want to provision into your application.

  2. . Set the respective User type to Administrator, Manager, or User depending on the role the group members should have in GetAccept.

If you had any users in the list before setting up the provisioning press Provision user

Application username format

If your configuration in Okta is not using email addresses as usernames you will need to change the application username format for the connection.

  1. Go to Sign On tab and scroll down to Credential Details

  2. Select Email as option for the Application username format box and Save

  1. Click the logo next to the application name.

  2. Right-click and download a GetAccept logo from the image below

  3. Click Browse, select the downloaded logo, and click Update Logo.

GetAccept Application Logo

Click the application logo to upload a custom logo


Roles sync issue

For issues with setting the roles, it can be caused by having a roles parameter on the user. Open the GetAccept SCIM application in Okta, click the Provisioning tab, scroll down and click Go to Profile Editor. Find the roles field and remove it.

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