The integration between GetAccept and Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a solution package that is developed by GetAccept. It allows you to send documents to a recipient for electronic signing.

The integration contains two web resources. One is the full integration with the send out workflow. The other part is only a button which you can use to toggle the workflow section. The part with the button is not mandatory.


The integration support MSD 8.2 and higher (2019-09-11)

The send out module

Button to activate the send out module (optional to add)


To install and configure the integration. Please follow the instructions below.

Note: You have to be an administrator in Microsoft Dynamics to be able to install the integration.

  1. Go to Advanced Settings → Settings → Solutions

2. Import the GetAccept.zip file (The installation file must be requested from your GetAccept Sales Specialist or the GetAccept support)

3. GetAccept is now added to your file system. (Make sure you publish the solution.)

Time to set it up and configure everything

4. Go to the entity where you want to install the integrations. For example Account

5. Select “form” for your entity in the top menu

6. Add a new tab with one column and place it where you want GetAccept to be available on the entity form. Name it tab_getAccept and the label name should be GetAccept.

7. To add a web resource, select the getaccept tab, and then on Insert select WebResource.

8. Select the web resource GetSignatureBannerHorizontal.

9. Give it a name “WebResource_GetAccept” and set a label “getaccept”.

10. Select formatting. Best experience is when you select one column and the number of rows is 20. You should also uncheck “Display border”

11. Save 

12. Don’t forget to publish everything if you want it to be available for your users. Make sure to set the correct security roles if you want to restrict who can access the new integration section.

Configure the Settings file

  1. In the top menu bar, click on the advanced find, located to the right. (Step 1 in the picture below).

  2. Search after GetAccept Settings. (Step 2 in the picture below)

  3. Press “Result” to view the file. (Step 3 in the picture below)

4. Add all the values stated in the table below.

Field name





If recipient data should be collected from a field

Example: Contacts on an account connected to an opportunity where GetAccept is placed



If recipient data should be collected from a tab on the entity where GetAccept is placed.

Example: Contacts on an Account



If document name should be set to a specific field,

Example: Name the document to the opportunity name



If you want the deal value to be transferred to the GetAccept document



Used to specify where to get the company name from. Used on document and recipient level.



Used to get the company name on an account. This is used to map recipient with the company name

Ga_Settings_Internal_Sending (new in version 1.0.3)


Toggles search functionality for CRM users when adding recipients. Default value 1(on), 0 (off)

13. Refresh page. 

14. If your users have access to different security roles make sure they have Read access to GetAccept_Settings

15. Start GetAccepting. Check out the Demo video if you want to see GetAccept in Action :)

Add GetAccept Pricing Table (CPQ) Support for Dynamics (Optional)

  1. Go to: Advanced Find

  2. Look for: GetAccept Settings and view the results

  3. Add the settings that should be included for GA Pricing table support

    1. ga_enable_cpq

      1. 1 = Enabling CPQ

      2. 2 = Disabling CPQ

    2. ga_cpq_profiles (only needed if you will use custom dynamics product fields)

      1. Leave Value empty

Add the GetAccept Start button (optional)

Optional, if you want to add the GetAccept Button follow the instructions below.

  1. In the existing tab where you want the button, for example Account summary. Add a new section with one column and place it where you want the button to be available on the entity form. Call it GetAccept.

2. To add a web resource, select the getaccept section, and then on Insert select WebResource.

3. Add the web resource called Vertical

4. Give it a name “WebResource_GetAccept_Button”

5. Now you need to add values to the GetAccept Settings file. This will be scripted in the future.

Field name



MainTabName (optional)


Used for toggle button


We are not removing any data (tasks, activities, etc.) or documents in the uninstall process. The only thing that will be removed are the integration objects (GetAccept).

You need to do this by yourself.

If the solution is Managed

  1. Go to Settings → Solutions and then find GetAccept.

  2. Select it and press delete

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