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Auto-populating a PDF template
Auto-populating a PDF template

How to auto fill a GetAccept template with data from your CRM

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To populate data from your CRM to your uploaded file you can do this by using Merge Fields within your GetAccept template.

Here is a guide on where to find the tags and how to add them to your template when using an uploaded PDF file.

How to find the template parameters within your CRM

To find the template parameters within your CRM, simply navigate to Use a template when creating a sendout in the GetAccept extension.

Click on Use a template and then click on the Show Template Parameters button.

This will open a list of parameters that you can use to populate your template. Copy the parameter that you wish to add, and then go back to your template in GetAccept.

See further down how to add it to the template.

How to add the copied parameter to your GetAccept template:

  1. Go to Add tab

  2. Drag the Merge field to your document.

  3. Then click on the setting symbol next to the field and click on Merge field

  4. Scroll down in the list and choose Custom, this is where you will paste the tag

  5. Click Save when you are done.

Now, you will see the information auto-populated within the extension and on your document.

Select and upload the template you are working on, click the next button, and you will see the information filled in.

Click on the Preview document button to make sure the information is correct.

Click Next and continue sending out your document.

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