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Accessing GetAccept merge tags within Salesforce
Accessing GetAccept merge tags within Salesforce

How to auto-populate your GetAccept template with SFDC data

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How to navigate to the merge tags within Salesforce

  1. When uploading a template within the Salesforce Lightning component, click on the View Merge Fields button.

  2. This will open a list of merge fields that you can use to populate your template.

  3. When you have clicked on the button you will see a list of the merge field you can copy and see if they also have a value to them.

  4. You can copy them by simply clicking on the orange button to the left by each field.

  5. Custom fields will appear here as well. Depending on the record type you will see different merge fields available.

Please note: In order for the merge tag to appear in the list shown above, the field must have a value in Salesforce to fetch. Otherwise, it won't be shown or optional to fetch to your GetAccept template.

How to add the merge tags to your Editor template within GetAccept

  1. When you are in your GetAccept template, simply click anywhere within your editor block where you want to add your merge tag.

  2. Then click on the { } symbol in the menu

    1. Select Add new custom merge tag

    2. Paste your merge tag

    3. Click on Add

For more information on how you can use a custom merge tag to fetch data from your integration, click here.

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