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Merging MS Dynamics Data into Templates
Merging MS Dynamics Data into Templates

How to auto-populate your GetAccept template with MS Dynamics data

Updated over a week ago

Before selecting a template from within the MS Dynamics GetAccept integration, click on the Fields button on the top bar of the integration. This will open a list of merge tags available from MS Dynamics that you can use to populate your template. Copy the desired merge tag from the integration as that will then be pasted into the created merge field on your GetAccept template in our core application.

Note: GetAccept is able to fetch data from the specific object (e.g. opportunity) you are using the integration from as well as from related objects (e.g. products, contacts, company).

Once copied, switch to GetAccept and go to the template you are working on. Take the copied merge tag and enter it into the merge tag field of the custom merge tag.

For additional notes on adding custom merge tags refer to the following:

Now, you will see the information auto-populated within the integration when you select your templates that are using Dynamics Merge Tags. Select the template you have created to see the data merge. From the integration you will see the data that is taken for the merge tags and have the ability to verify/modify as required. Click Next and continue sending out your document.

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