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Downloading the Chrome Extension
Downloading the Chrome Extension

How to install the GetAccept Chrome Extension for your CRM

Updated over a week ago

To install our CRM Chrome Extension, choose which CRM package you would like download. We currently support Hubspot, Pipedrive, LimeGo, Upsales, and Freshsales. If you don't see the extension you are looking for in the link, go into GetAccept's Integration Settings and you will find it there. 

Find your CRM's URL to the Chrome Extension here: 

Hubspot            Pipedrive             LimeGo 

           Upsales                  Freshsales          


Once installed, you will see it appear in the top right of your Chrome browser as a small GetAccept logo. If you do not see it, right click on your Chrome extensions and select Manage Extensions. You will see all of your extensions, including the one you just downloaded from GetAccept. Make sure it is enabled. 

Once downloaded, you will see the extension appear when you are on a contact, company, or deal. Go to any of those and you will see you can login to the extension using your GetAccept credentials. 

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