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New GetAccept integration for Upsales
New GetAccept integration for Upsales

Learn how to install the new version and have a smoother sales flow from within your Upsales CRM.

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New GetAccept integration for Upsales can be found on the Google Chrome store. Click here to enable the Chrome Extension.

Setup GetAccept Upsales Integration

  1. Generate an API key from Upsales to connect the GetAccept integration. Details on how to do that can be found here.

  2. Log in to GetAccept

  3. In the upper-right corner, select settings from the dropdown

  4. Select Integrations

  5. Find Upsales and click Connect

  6. Enter the Upsales generated API key

  7. Click Connect

    1. This will authorize GetAccept to work with your Upsales environment as well as ensure signed contracts are automatically sent to the Upsales object where GetAccept was used.

  8. Click here and install the Chrome Extension

  9. Log into Upsales and open an opportunity, company, or contact

  10. Use your GetAccept credentials and login to the chrome extension on to the right side

Note: This step requires someone who has admin rights in both Upsales and GetAccept.

Previous GetAccept Upsales Customers

If you are already using the previous version of the GetAccept Upsales integration, you may be able to skip steps 1-6 above. If you're not sure, it is better to either reauthorize GetAccept or to go through this process again.

Testing the new integration

  • While you are transitioning your team to the new integration, note that you may continue to use the old version of our integration. You can find that chrome extension here.

  • Simply ensure that you and your team never have both chrome extensions enabled at the same time. Functionally the old integration will continue working as expected.

No longer supported

  • Please note that this version of the GetAccept Upsales integration does not support Google Docs or Word document integrations.

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