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Enhanced Domains in Salesforce

How does the enabling of Enhanced Domains affect the GetAccept integration in Salesforce

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This article is written for Salesforce System admins within your company, or the administrator role responsible for ensuring your integration installed packages continue to work smoothly.


Salesforce is enforcing enhanced domains in the majority of orgs as of the Spring ‘23 release. As a result, your GetAccept integration may require updating in order to maintain full functionality. This article will explain what Enhanced Domains are, how it affects the GetAccept integration and how you should take care of it.

What are Enhanced Domains?

(Extract from Salesforce help article)

Enhanced domains are the current version of My Domain that meets the latest browser requirements. With enhanced domains, all URLs across your org contain your company-specific My Domain name, including URLs for your Experience Cloud sites, Salesforce Sites, Visualforce pages, and content files. This feature changes domain suffixes (the part after the My Domain name) to meet the latest security standards. With no instance names, enhanced My Domain URLs are easier for users to remember and don’t change when your org is moved to another Salesforce instance. Because enhanced domains meet the latest browser requirements, they’re deployed by default in new orgs and required in all orgs in Winter ’24.

Where can I find out more about handling the rollout?

Salesforce provides full documentation on Enhanced Domains here:

There’s also a useful section that details how to plan for a Domain Change:

How is the GetAccept integration potentially affected?

In order to receive data automatically back from GetAccept servers to your Salesforce org, the listener (setup as part of the installation process) needs to be an active and valid site URL. The enabling of Enhanced Domains can potentially change this URL resulting in “breaking” the listener. The new URL should take the form:

If the listener is not working after Enhanced Domains is enabled, you will need to take action (described below) to resolve the issue. Symptoms of a broken listener could be:

  • Not receiving automatic status updates for documents sent to customers.

  • Chat functionality within the integration will no longer work.

  • Automatic downloading of signed documents will no longer work.

What steps should I take to resolve the issue?

As a system admin, you can resolve this issue by following the steps below:

  • Navigate to Apps | GetAccept Admin | Setup

  • Click on edit to edit the settings for the listener URL

  • Re-enter the email and password of your service user (the GetAccept Admin account which is the master for all your entities)

  • Select the new valid URL for the listener from the drop-down list

  • Click Register.

  • Then navigate to the entities tab. Disconnect then Reconnect all the entities that you wish to have connected to your current Salesforce org.

  • Consider testing after this update to confirm Document Status updates are automatic and that your signed documents are still being downloaded to your org.

When these steps above have been completed, you can consider the issue resolved for that org.

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