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Map new stakeholders with GetAccept and salesforce leads
Map new stakeholders with GetAccept and salesforce leads

Learn how you can capture information into Salesforce on contacts that get forwarded a GetAccept document

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Note: Salesforce Developer, Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions is required to use the GetAccept integration.

Available in GetAccept version 2.28.0 and higher

Feature summary

The GetAccept platform offers the ability for a recipient of a document to forward (“invite”) the document to a new recipient that was not part of the original sending contact list. This feature makes it possible to capture this new recipient information and pass it back into Salesforce to be saved.

How it works

  • When a recipient forwards a document to a new recipient, this information is sent to Salesforce. It is then possible to enable flow GA0009 which can then collect this information and save it as a lead in your org.

  • At this point, the user in Salesforce that sent the document will receive a notification alerting them of this new lead, which can then be converted to a contact by the user.

How to customize the flow

It may be the case that you would prefer that this incoming information be treated differently. In this case, it is entirely possible to duplicate the flow:

  • Click edit, and adjust it to your needs.

  • The third node in this flow, Get GetAccept document contains information such as the related document ID, which can be used to link back to the object you sent the document from.

  • Often this is the opportunity but can also be any custom object you have GetAccept placed on.

  • Once you have this ID, you can further fetch any AccountIDs related to that and place the newly found contact there according to your business requirements.

  • You can then adjust the Send GetAccept Notification node to display the information which you deem relevant to your users.

Hopefully, this short summary was helpful in getting you started playing with this new stream of data.

If you would like assistance with this flow or if you encounter any issues, please contact

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