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Finding files in the Global folder in Salesforce
Finding files in the Global folder in Salesforce

Setup to use globally available files within the GetAccept integration in Salesforce

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(Available in Package Version 2.34 and higher)

It is possible to set up the integration so that GetAccept can find files placed within a global file library within Salesforce. This means that any user with the correct rights can access these files and use them to make sendings within GetAccept.

How to set up the configuration correctly:

  1. As the system admin in Salesforce, navigate to the Files section, click on the Libraries tab, and then click "New Library" in the top right.

  2. Create a Library with the specific name GetAccept Shared Folder, give it a description, and click Save. It is important that the name is exactly as stated above.

  3. Add a file or files that you wish to include in this library

  4. When inside the library, you can click on Manage Members to select which users within your org you wish to have access to this library.

  5. Next, click on App Launcher and search for GetAccept Admin to open the admin app.

  6. Inside the admin app, click on Setup, and then navigate to User roles.

  7. In this section, check the boxes on the user roles for Access GetAccept shared folder you wish to be able to access this folder. (The user should also have Member access previously granted within the library)

You can now return to the GetAccept integration wherever it is placed within your org and begin making a sending. In the section where you select "Related Files", you will find that the files within the Global library will now be available.

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