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How to add and set up the Text Element
How to add and set up the Text Element

Summary of the Text Element within the Editor

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How do I add a text element to my Editor block?

When you create a new Editor block it will always open up a text element but if you want to add more, here is how to do it:

  1. Click on the blue [ + ] symbol

  2. Choose Text

  • Use this element to add any text to your document, either by typing it in or copying and pasting it from an already created document.

  • If you decide to copy and paste your text, you will notice small changes, such as the font and size, though the headers and paragraph formats should replicate smoothly.

  • The text element supports in-line merge tags so you can add information about the document or contact information about the Sender and the Recipient.

  • While you are typing within the text element, you can use keyboard shortcuts to take certain actions, like making the text bold, underlined, or italicized.

  • Simply use Command + [B, U, I] on Mac or Control + [B, U, I] on PC.

  • If you want to use line spacing to position a line of text directly below the previous line, you can press Shift + Enter. Pressing Enter will create a new paragraph.

Addition of fonts in branding

With our new Font options, you can edit your themes and customize the fonts when building your document with our Editor.

To learn more about our Font options you can read more about it here.

**Right now, you are able to copy and paste text from your document, but if you have images or tables, we recommend adding an image or table element.

Formatting Bar

When you engage your cursor in a text element, you will see a formatting bar appear with many different options:

  • Text Format - Choose from Normal Text, Heading 1, Heading 2, Subheading, and Small Text

  • Edit text to Bold, Italicised, or Underlined

  • Numeric Lists and Bullet Points

  • Text Alignment to Left, Center, Right, or Justified

  • Adding Hyperlinks to text

  • Inserting GetAccept Merge Tag data in-line, such as recipient, sender, and document information

  • Insert New Elements, such as Text, Images, Tables, and Dividers (you can also add elements by clicking the [ + ] sign between elements)

  • Undo and Redo editor actions

  • Move the text element up or down between other elements

  • Delete text element

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