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What happens when a document has been fully signed?
What happens when a document has been fully signed?

Important information about signed documents

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When you have sent a document for signing and it has been fully signed by all recipients, the status of the document will change to signed and generate a signed PDF certificate.

After this point, you cannot edit the document any longer or add a new signer.

All pages of the signed document will be given a unique fingerprint to mark that the document has been signed. The certificate states who have signed the document followed by the audit log of all events that have occurred up until signing.

It is important to note that if you do however change the signed document it will be considered having been tampered with and might be seen as an illegal act.

If you feel uncertain whether the signed document has been tampered with, you can always verify it.

Simply upload your document at the link below and it will provide you with verification if this has occurred or not.

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