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Creating a document: Adding attachments
Creating a document: Adding attachments

How to add attachments, how attachments works and frequently asked questions

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How to add an attachment to your document

You will see an Add tab in the top right when preparing the document.

  1. Click on Add

  2. Next, you will find an option below to add an Attachment or Recipient attachment.

Note: Recipient attachment is an Enterprise Plus feature

Select a file from your attachment library, upload a file, or use an external link to add it as an attachment.

  • Title the file or webpage and check Add to Library if you would like to have easy access to it for future docs.

  • Decide whether you would like it to be something required for your recipient to view and then click the Add button in the bottom right.

Please note!

Restrict access and Require viewing of an attachment

  • When you select require viewing of an attachment it will be mandatory to open for all recipients on the document. This is only for Signers or Approvers of a document and does not apply for someone with the role Only view.

  • It is not possible to both require and restrict access for an attachment.

  • You can either require it for all or select a specific recipient to limit access to for an attachment.

Once you have added all of your fields and supplemental attachments, you can proceed to the Engage tab to add an introductory video or auto-comment.

How to add a recipient attachment to a document

  1. Click on the Add tab

  2. Select Recipient attachment


Restrict access

  • You can either require it for all or select a specific recipient to limit access to for an attachment.

File fingerprint

When a contract has been signed the attachment will be shown in the certificate under the section "supplemental files". They will be accessible via a link so that the recipients can open the attachments easily. The attachment has a file fingerprint matching the certificate as shown in the screenshots below.


How long are our attachments available?

  • Our attachments are available indefinitely.

How long does the link in the certificate last?

  • The link in the certificate is permanent and does not expire.

What happens to our attachments if the contract is deleted, can our customers still open the attachments?

  • Yes, even if the contract is deleted, customers can still access the attachments.

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