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Saving signed documents in Sharepoint

How to get signed documents automatically uploaded to Sharepoint

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How to get signed documents automatically uploaded to Sharepoint

Follow these steps to connect your accounts with the help of this pre-made template:

  • Click on the following link and connect the GetAccept entity from which you’ll be pulling the signed documents and also the email that you’re using to authenticate in your Sharepoint space. Hit “Continue” once you have connected both accounts.

  • Once you have clicked “Continue,” you will see the steps in your new flow. In this case, since you’re using a pre-made template,you won’t need to change anything except for the side address and folder path, which will determine the location for your downloaded files in Sharepoint.

We strongly recommend copying and pasting the URL of your Sharepoint site, this way, you’ll avoid failures in the flow and due to Power Automate’s AI, you’ll be automatically filling in the “Folder path” as well. If, by any chance, the “Folder path” is not automatically filled, you can click on the folder icon to find the location you need.

Click “Save” to finalize the process.

  • Once you have completed the above step, you can test your flow. To do so, we recommend sending a document from GetAccept to yourself. If the flow fails, you’ll be able to see the error by clicking on “My flows,” selecting the flow you created, and scrolling to the bottom of the page to the section called “28- day run history”

Clicking on the date of the event, will pull additional information on the error.

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