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How to update your document after it has been sent
How to update your document after it has been sent

Learn how to make changes to a delivered sendout using the editor

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There are many scenarios where you'll want to update a document after you have already sent it to recipients.

For example, if you need to add an amendment to a sales proposal or make changes to a new hire form.

This used to take some time; having to find the original file, update it, and re-uploading it to GetAccept to send again to the recipients. Now, with the GetAccept editor block, you can send a document and then update it seamlessly from the document summary page.

How Users Edit a Document After Sending to a Recipient

  1. Go to the active document in the tab Documents

  2. Click on the Edit content button in the top right corner of the editor block

    (You will see the block enter an edit mode where you will be able to make changes, just like when you originally drafted the document)

  3. Make any changes you'd like, including updating text, and adding videos, photos, or links!

  4. After making your modifications, click anywhere and you will see a pop-up at the bottom notifying you that there are unpublished changes to the document. You have the option to publish your changes or discard them.

    Choose Publish changes to save and update the send-out.

  5. Write a message about the changes you've made for everyone who has received the document. This message will appear the next time the recipient opens the send-out, be sent as an email notification to the recipients, and saved in the live-chat dialogue, which will be included in the audit log once the document is signed by all parties.

  6. Click on Publish

  7. Done!

What is the difference when it comes to updating a digital sales room document (non-signable) and a signable document?

When you have sent a document, it differs a little from what you can update about the document. This depends on whether you have sent a non-signable or a signable document. Below we will go over what you can update:

Non-signable document

A non-signable document allows you to edit the existing blocks and also add new editor blocks.

Signable document

A signable document is a bit more restricted as it is sent for signing:

  • Here you can only add more content within the already existing blocks.

  • You cannot add new ones. If you need to add new editor blocks then you need to create a new version.

The Experience for Recipients and Signers of Documents

Once the sender of a document has made any modifications, a few things happen to notify the recipients of the change.

They will receive a notification via email stating that the document has been modified and displaying the message the sender included with the published update. When they open the document, there will be a pop-up asking them to view the modified version of the send-out.

They will also see the message from the sender included in the live chat on the right and in the audit log once they receive the final signed PDF.

In the example below, we will see how the notification will look for the recipient when they have opened the document.

From a workflow point of view, this allows recipients to easily communicate their questions, challenges, or objections and allows the sender to quickly reply and make any changes to the document that are needed.

This ensures your deals keep moving quickly and seamlessly, all while making the experience convenient for all parties!

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