You can change the settings for a signed document Contract Management.

Click on the checkbox to the left of the document name to open the settings menu.

In the menu that will show up at the bottom of the page will have below options:


Add a tag to the documents to make it easier to search and categorize them. You can click on the line just under Search for tags and type in a new tag to add or use an existing tag.


Enable notification for the documents to receive a reminder when it is time to renew an agreement. You can choose between Expiration or Renewal.

You can choose when you want to receive the reminder, which user should receive it, and write a personal message.

This reminder will only be sent to you and not the recipient of the documents.

Here you can also see your existing notification.


Under "Edit" you can change the Owner of the agreement, Contract value, and the contract period.


Move the selected document or documents to a folder. If you have multiple folders, you can search for the name of the folder to make it easier to find.


Download the documents to your device.


Delete the selected documents from GetAccept. When you click on "Delete", the deleted documents will end up under the tab Documents > Deleted.

If you also delete the documents from the Deleted tab, they will be permanently deleted from the platform.

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