For an easier organization in Contract Management, you can create folders where you can store your signed documents.

To open a folder, click once on the desired folder. You see if you are in a folder at the top left where it says "Start" and an arrow pointing to the right ( > ) to the Folder name.

In a folder, you can then create more subfolders if you wish or filter just as in the Start overview.

Create a folder

  1. Click on Create Folder

  2. Enter the desired folder name (max 30 characters) and press either Enter on your keyboard or the small checkmark.

  3. Done!

Move documents to a folder

  1. Click the gray box to the left of one or more documents you want to move.

  2. Choose "Move" at the bottom in the orange box.

  3. Select the desired folder and press "Move".

  4. Done!

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