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Hubspot Workflow - Update Deal stage on Document Signed
Hubspot Workflow - Update Deal stage on Document Signed

Use workflow triggers in Hubspot to update Deal stage based on GetAccept document signed event

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Make sure you use the GetAccept Chrome Extension for HubSpot to use workflows and receive timeline events.

For other ideas on how you can use Hubspot workflows with GetAccept - Click here

How to set a workflow based on GetAccept document activity

Let us show you an example where we update the "Deal Pipeline and Stage" to "Closed Won" after a contact has signed one of our GetAccept Contracts sent to them.

  1. Create a new workflow in HubSpot by clicking the menu option Workflows and then the button Create workflow

  2. Name your workflow, select Contact-based and Start from scratch. Click Next button

  3. Click Set enrollment triggers, scroll down, and select GetAccept: Document activity

  4. Select the trigger Event Name and choose the GetAccept document events that will trigger this workflow. In this case, we are selecting "Signed", workflows based on other document statuses such as being reviewed may also be set up.

  5. Click Apply filter. We may add another filter on our trigger based on the document name to make sure this workflow only applies to specific types of sent documents. E.g. The workflow could be limited to only any document with "Contract" in the name.

  6. Save the trigger and continue adding the steps to your workflow using the + buttons. In our example we will select "Set property value" and configure it to work for a Deal property.

  7. Select the "Deal pipeline and stage" property and select the stage that should be set after a document has been signed.

    1. Note: The contact that has received the GetAccept send out must be linked with the Deal for this workflow to work.

  8. Click Review, check if you want any other settings for your workflow and then turn it on and do a test sending.

  9. A successful test of the workflow should look something like this in workflow history


  • Ensure that the deal and contact you are testing with are linked.

  • Workflows only trigger once per contact/lead so during testing we suggest using multiple emails when sending the documents.

  • Contacts will always receive event triggers independently of the object you associate a document to (deal, contact, company)

  • Use the workflow history to debug a workflow and see that all steps are working

If you get stuck or need any help or advice, please contact GetAccept support using the built-in chat in GetAccept or by emailing

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