Note for Admin users only

If you want your GetAccept invoice to be paid by Credit Card you can add the card from the settings menu in GetAccept.

  1. Go to Settings > My Subscription

  2. Click on “Billing” tab

  3. Click on "Billing Portal".

You will then be taken to a new tab where you can see/update:

  • Billing & Shipping addresses

  • Payment methods

  • Billing history

Billing & Shipping addresses

Here you can update your billing & shipping information, when done click on Update.

Payment methods

Here you can choose which payment method you want to use, you can choose between Direct Debit and Credit card.

For Direct Debit you click on “Pay with GoCardless”, and a popup window will appear to fill in your payment information. This will be different depending on your location.

For credit card information, fill in the necessary information and click "Add".

Note that the payment is handled through our third-party payment partner Stripe. GetAccept will not store your credit card credentials.

Now you are done and your future invoices will be charged on your credit card. When the charge is made you will be sent a receipt on your billing email.

Billing history

Here you can see your previous invoices.

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