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How to add a GetAccept Flow Template in Salesforce
How to add a GetAccept Flow Template in Salesforce

Utilize a GetAccept Flow Template to automate your sales proces

Updated over a week ago

Further extend your Salesforce integration with GetAccept by using one of our Flow templates.

Flow templates allow you to automate your business process in a quick and easy way.

This feature is available in version 2.12.0 and above of the GetAccept Salesforce integration. How to update your GetAccept for Salesforce:

How to add a flow template

  1. Log into your Salesforce account and ensure you have the right permissions for the changes that will be made.

  2. Enter the Setup home screen.

  3. Go to the "Flows" page under "Process Automation".

  4. A list of available flows will be shown.

  5. Select a GetAccept Flow Template (Note: GetAccept flow templates begin with GAXXX: Flow title)

  6. Review the Flow template actions.

  7. Customize the template as needed. Some examples of customizations that could be made include creating a post to "Chatter", creating a follow-up activity in Salesforce, and/or creating an Order from the Opportunity. Don't forget, there are many more possibilities for customizations to the GetAccept Flow templates to suit your business's process.

  8. Activate the Flow.

e.g. GA001: On Doc Signed - Flow template that will set the opportunity stage to "closed won" when a GetAccept document is signed.

Please note: GetAccept will be adding more flow templates in the near future!

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