If you need to make changes to a document you have used in one of your GetAccept templates, you can make the change without having to add all of your fields again, saving lots of time and hassle. 

The first thing we will do is create a new version of the template we want to change. When uploading a document, choose the template document you need to update. Below, we want to change the GetAccept Quote template. 

As we scroll through, we can see that the template has a few text fields, a link field, and checkboxes located on the 3rd page. Go to the action menu at the top of the page and click Upload Pages. 

At the bottom of the window, click Replace Existing Document. You will see another check mark appear saying Keep Existing Fields, which you will click. You can then choose the new and improved document to upload. 

*IMPORTANT: Make sure to check the boxes before choosing a document to upload.

Once chosen, you will see the previous template collapse, and your new document appear with the fields placed where they were on the original template. You can now go back into your template library and delete the old version of the template.

*IMPORTANT: The fields will be saved on the page number they were on the original document. In our example, they were on the 3rd page, which means if we upload a new document with four pages, the fields will still appear on the 3rd page.

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